Taking Care of Bunk Bed

Bunk beds adds volume in the room of your child without disturbing the playing area. It adds comfort and space. It also gives your child an opportunistic environment to grow. As it is concerned with the comfort and aesthetic look of your kid’s room, you have to take care of it not only for the decorative purpose but also for the safety of your kids.

Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds

Here are some ways to take care of your bunk beds.

•    Use the bunk carefully especially the upper bunk. Follow the weight limits given by manufacturer.
•    Do not let your zealous child to jump on the bed because it is not designed for jumping and bouncing. Don‘t let them to use it as a battledore.
•    Take a proper examination of bunk twice a month. Check the screws and the connectors.  If you find any bolt loose and rusty, immediately replace it with the new one. If you use wooden bunk then keep an eye on the change in wood condition.
•    Check the stability and durability of bunk by shake test twice a month.
•    While shifting or setting up the room, don’t move the whole bunks. Remove its parts one by one and then tack them together. Take care of the cleanliness of bunk.
•    Polish it properly and remove the dust daily. Use water paint for bunk and paint the bunk after every three month.
•    Check the sturdiness of the upper bunk.
•    Grease or oil the screws and connectors once in a week.
•    Check the ladder and stair case. If you find something missing replace it immediately.
•    Keep an eye on the aesthetic look of bunk. If you find a scratch or hole, fill it with filler or dark markers.
•    If you have a loft bunk in the room then you have to take care of its pillars and supports.

Care of a bunk bed is necessary for the safety of your child and also for long life of the bunk. Consider all these points and enhance the durability and sturdiness of the bunk.

Following these points can lessen the risk of getting some serious injury to your kids. Regular cleaning will protect it from germs and will keep your kid away from a numerous diseases. Greasing and oiling of the connectors of the bunk beds will ensure the less chances of breakage and will keep you aware from the sharp and pointed edges.


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